We Provide Sports Services for Corporate

Such as Ground Booking, Sports Venues, Venue for Event, Sports lighting, Sports Consultancy, Sports Tournament and many other sports services.

Corporate Sports

SportsGround provide world class venues and facilities to our corporate clients, what is it that happens, companies set sports match on the employee vacation day, so they can play a very good way, we try our best to give them to all those Facilities which you did not get anywhere, facilities which are available on the whole ground to them, we already have the arrangements, such as we care about the cleanliness of our ground, so that you feel happy to visit and play at our venue.

List of Necessary things which we can provide to Corporate in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

  • Ground Booking for corporate to play games
  • Event Organise for corporate
  • Provide sports academy
  • Sports Equipment manufacturing & marketing for corporates
  • Sports International & domestic tours for corporate
  • Sports ticketing & promotions
  • Stadium rights selling’s
  • Sports broadcasting for corporate
  • Health and Physical Education toour corporate clients

Provide washroom to our Corporate Clients

Washroom is one of the necessary requirement of any player and audience, our focus to provide best possible facilities to our audience and players, you will definitely get restroom facilities in our every Grounds, these little things so you need not have bothered.

Umpires & Balls

In any match whether it could be cricket or football match ball and Umpires is the necessary things in match, so these are the two things which we arrange for you, so for this, you do not need to go elsewhere, if you have your own ball and Umpires you can also use your own, its not necessary to use our Umpires and ball to play your match, it’s depends on you.

Water & refreshment as per Corporate Requirement

We also provide water and refreshment to whole team members of corporate if they give us details about, we decide and arrange the requirement of water and refreshment for whole candidates, team will get energy to get this and they will perform better in matches, so, to have water and refreshment is very important.

We also fulfill Custom Sports Related Requirement of Corporate clients

You can order your own requirement as per your need, such as some extra sports equipment, some food, and some other special thing which you require during your match, some clients want to play matches at night, for that we can easily arrange ground with light so that player can play easily, they will do so, like they are playing game in day light, if you are a corporate you can contact us by calling or filling a form of contact page for booking ground and for some other sports related services