Coaching & Training academy

Coaching & Training academy

People are attracted to the coaching profession from all tracks of life.   Our student body is filled with excited students from all over the world and come from every profession you can name; doctors, lawyers, executives, stay at home moms/dads, therapists, social workers, office workers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, students, retires, clergy, energy healers, personal trainers…… the list is endless.

So whatever your background, if your purpose in life is to affect change in the world, to help others be the best they can be, then becoming a certified coach will teach you the strategies that professional successful coaches use.

Our certified coaching training programs will provide you with the skills to enter this exciting new field as a life coach, business coach, health coach or specialty coach in your chosen niche.

It’s Time to LEARN, GROW and INSPIRE Your World! Say YES to your SUCCESS and join us today.

Great training! The experience greatly exceeded my expectations. Being a professional and having attended many trainings I was impressed with the comprehensive level of the course. A highlight of the training was being able to be trained, coached and personally mentored by Steve Kiges. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He has exceptional insight into human behaviour and how to best work with clients. It is one thing to read books and take courses but quite another to learn how to best integrate the material with clients. Steve will definitely help you to get to the heart of a problem or issue that maybe holding your client back, in a thought.